Cee-Lo Green is one of the most underrated artist of the 21st century. Although he’s known for rapping with Goodie Mob, his thriving solo career, and cameo’s on other artist tracks, he’s never really got the recognition he deserves. Hopefully he can change that with his newest album; “The Lady Killer.”

The Lady Killer is extremely innovative throughout the entire album, with Green using metaphors, popular topics, and entendres to express his art. It opens with the self titled “Lady Killer,” intro that will excite long time Green fans for what’s to come on the rest of the album. He follows up with songs like “Wildflower,” where he uses clever comparisons throughout the song and it later becomes clear that “wildflower” is another name for a gorgeous woman.  ”Bodies” uses the same smart metaphors where Green belts out about a “murder victim.”  ”F*uck You,” arguably the best song on the album is a straight to the point catchy song that is climbing the charts for not only its dope beat, but its incredible lyrics. Other notables include, “I Want You,” “It’s Ok,” and “Please.” Every song on “The Lady Killer” ties in with what Green is known for; his eccentric style. The album is carefully constructed, thought out, and lyrically brilliant.

Cee-Lo Green is already a musical genius, he just needs the industry to take notice, but we already have.

words by: mh-hu

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