Spending the evening of New Years Eve with Ced n Friends was a brilliant and hilariously funny idea. The host Malik S’ time inbetween was a little short but he was able to hold his own with side splitting sarcastic jokes. He should have had his own segment because I found myself a little irked that he only had a total time of about 20 minutes.

Our hometown boy G Thang’s attack on lacefront wigs had the crowd in tears. Even he had to pause several times from uncontrollable laughter.  As he expertly weaved his way through each joke, he even managed to through out a few random ones towards the light man who couldn’t get his spotlight  just right.  The comedian JJ was the night’s best kept secret. In fact, when I heard the name I assumed that it was the young comedian that I had seen on some kids movies. Boy was I wrong.  JJ, whose raw sense of humor is reminiscent of a young Steve Harvey, from his hilarious church jokes to his more personal jokes about family.

I found myself doubled over with laughter and tears flowing freely from my eyes. At the brief intermission I sat and thought about how the night would only get better as we hadn’t seen who we really came there for and Cedric did not disappoint. He stepped out super clean in his white jacket and black pants, of course he had on his traditional brimmed hat. He jumped right into his act with a quick dance step that he is known for. The crowd was hyped and showed much love to one of our on.  Nothing was off limit as he touched on the first family, his children, and current events. It had been awhile since St. Louis has seen him perform a stand up and it was definitely worth the wait. If you weren’t at the Peabody Opera House last night, you missed the perfect ending to 2011.

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