Captain America Civll War

Have you ever seen two best friends fist fight off and on for ten minutes, to the point of exhaustion? Where you speak up and say, ” Stop!! You’re gonna kill him!!”? Yes? Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but watch a beautifully shot version of it that you’re not personally involved in entitled “Captain America:Civil War”. Did you know this movie is called “First Avenger: Civil War” in some countries?!? Guess the A on Cap’s forehead stands for “Avenger” to some. Random…

Anyway, this film is arguably the best out of the MCU, save “The Avengers” first film, itself.  And yet in still, it even has that beat. The feeling you got when you saw the first Hero collaboration film is the same feeling you get from this, with even more action. It’s just so calculated, in a good way. They take characters we’ve grown with for a decade and put them in a moral conundrum.

As the trailers show, the team is under scrutiny for the civilian casualties they have caused while saving the world. From New York to DC to Wakanda to Sovokia, they have laid destruction in their wake. The world governments want to put them on the proverbial leash, while simultaneously telling Captain America his estranged best friend Bucky (Winter Soldier) is being hunted down. Cap, knowing he can save his friend, throws protocol out the window and goes to save Bucky. Due to their last missions and rich white guilt, Tony Stark just can’t in good conscience allow that to happen. Thus begins the delicate split between an otherwise iron clad team.


The Russo Brothers outdid themselves with the direction of this film. Leaps and bounds more psychologically thrilling than “Winter Soldier”. Oh, I forgot the splash page. You know, the big scene in every marvel team film that shows all the heroes fighting with every ounce of super power they can muster? The money shot of every super hero film? The big fight? Yeah, this one last for almost fifteen minutes. Never seen anything like it in my life. Genuinely had my jaw dropped. Things I thought I wouldn’t see happen for three more movies. Characters evolving in front of my eyes in ways I thought I wouldn’t see until I was old and gray. I mean the edits, the sound design, the coloring, the seamless CGI. For the first time I felt like I was flying with War Machine and Iron Man. Hell, Falcon too. Oh, and Spider-Man!!!!! Dear Lord, they finally found an actor that made me say, “Hey, Spider-Man is on-screen. Not some actor playing Peter Parker, but Spider-Man”(I didn’t say this aloud). I mean the wise cracks, the agility, the excitement of being among super beings. He did his job. As usual the villain left something to be desired, but maybe he didn’t. Maybe they finally realized Marvel films damn near don’t need a villain. Just a situation that they need to get under control. The internal power struggle is entertaining enough that you think of little but what the next step is in the plot. You didn’t want them to rush it, and you were grateful when they explained what you didn’t know. Oh. Ohhh!!! And Black Panther was astonishing. Just enough. Not too much origin or exposition explaining his purpose. Just a no nonsense unstoppable force that is noble as all get out. The setup for the next one is lovely. The approach from the former movie was flawless. Aside from a few plot holes I can’t explain without spoilers, the movie is almost perfect. It’s as perfect as it could have been. So glad the Russo Brothers are in charge of the next two “Avengers” films. Let’s me know I’m in store for comedic drama with visually unforgettable tendencies. Nice.


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