90811355Thanks to those of you who forwarded me the latest on the Nicolas Cage saga,This week we saw his two New Orleans houses listed in a sheriff’s sale and heard rumors that he is selling his castle in Bath, England. Many have speculated about what could have happened to Cage, a man who has made a great deal of money over the years for starring in many Hollywood blockbusters.

Now it turns out that Cage has someone to blame, his business manager Samuel Levin. TMZ has a copy of a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The suit claims that Levin was reckless and incompetent and put Cage into a situation in which he has to sell off major assets and is facing tax liabilities (he owes the IRS over $6 million). Cage wants at least $20 million minimum from Levin in order to set things right, a number that reflects just how much Cage has lost over real estate deals in the past couple of years. Levin worked for Cage seven years but it wasn’t until he fired Levin that Cage said he learned the full extent of the damage done.

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