The Open Mic scene has never been the same since Cafe Soul inhabited Lucas School House! The musicians, singers, and poets that graced the stage, raised the bar and forever changed the music landscape of St. Louis. The mic was golden at Lucas School House and it was a privilege to be on the stage amongst your peers. The intimate, shoulder to shoulder, standing room only, can’t-miss, monthly event, quickly became the hotspot for established and aspiring artists and poets!

On Friday, October 21st, we’d like to celebrate by having a REUNION of all the artists that came month after month to Lucas School House to hone their craft, and extend an invitation to the loyal following that just wanted to be in the building to experience the “unknown” that fueled each month’s event. If you were in that room…you will forever be a part of the fabric that makes up Cafe Soul.


Doors at 7pm | $10

For Reserve Seating | Call 314-504-7405

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