Let’s face it, we all wish we could make money doing what we love. Working 2 days a week for only 4 hours a day would be living the life (Maybe that’s just me). However, in the real world we know that’s not happening anytime soon. That 9-5 has become the norm that we’ve learned to accept (insert sad face here). We anticipate Friday’s while dreading Sunday’s anxiety about Monday mornings that seem to sneak up. Can we just live?!!! Well, I think I have a way to take the edge off just a little. Let’s bring some excitement into the workplace starting with fun and creative ways to stretch the limits of business casual attire. So when you feel yourself getting down about being behind that cubicle with no windows, just take a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and be encouraged (insert wink face here)!


2 more days left! We hit the hump!


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