brothers keeper

MOTIVATIONAL – Black men are pretty much told for the duration of our lives that “Nothing you do is ever gonna be enough“.

No matter what you achieve, doesn’t matter if you are smart, doesn’t matter how talented you are it’s not enough.

If you’re a rich black man you don’t give back enough.
If you’re a poor black man you didn’t try hard enough.


We pretty much live under perpetual scrutiny from the time we enter the school system. I know black men who work 16 to 17 hours a day, me being one them and are constantly told and/or treated like their suppose to work that long and that hard, why? Well because that’s what men are “suppose” to do. We are suppose to work our fingers to the bone. We’re “suppose” to sacrifice blood, sweat, and time to make sure everyone around us has a better life than we do.

Sarcasm pause.

I don’t remember anyone ever saying, “Black man thank you for your sacrifice and everything that you do” and meant it sincerely. Sure you have the social media , Hotep woman’s attention who’s whoring her life away saying “thank you” for likes, but they are almost NEVER sincere.

Men, black men look to your left. Now look to your right, can you feel what that is? That’s the reality of what we are in this world…alone.

The government locks us up.
Race soldiers have a bounty on us.


Our women collectively only care about us when it suits their needs and therefore, the Calvary isn’t coming. Men we are going to have to do this on our own. There is no 1-800 number. There is no shelter for us (even though men make up 70% of all homeless in this country).

The world has summed up our hurt, loss, and struggle into 3 words black men “deal with it”, so it’s now or never for us. It’s either sink or swim. We are our own support system keep fighting until you win and then fight some more for the man next to you.

The world should tremble when black men as a whole finally decide, I’m tired of taking this BS!

No matter what, keep your head up and chest out. I am my brother’s keeper.






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