A powerful African American slasher, “The Blood Brothers”, produced by Brenda Hampton and co-written by Brenda Hampton and Nikki Michelle will premiere Saturday, June 24th here in St. Louis at the MX Theater. Directed by Dana Christian, the dark slasher film promises to deliver a healthy dose of suspense and fright to moviegoers.

In The Blood Brothers, friends Juda (Jason J. Little), Aiko (Zachary Scott Clark), Zeek (J Kwon), A.J. (Jordan Johnson), and Preston (Demetrious Roberts) experience an event that bonds them throughout adulthood as Blood Brothers. The film also stars Seviin Li who will portray the character Gloria and actresses Elesia Simone Durham (Who Ya Wit), Sydney Bailey, and Kristin Clark.

While on a trip to reconnect, the excitement of the journey is not long-lasting as the bunch enters a town where people do not favor African Americans. Not too long after settling down the group will soon realize they are not alone. The brothers are soon terrorized by an unknown entity, leading them to cast uncertainty and discord throughout the group. The group will learn that their childhood actions will return to their present.

“Karma is real and payback can be a real b***ch.”

Author and Producer Brenda Hampton on her new film “The Blood Brothers’

As with other titles written by Brenda Hampton, we are certain that there will be moments in “The Blood Brothers” that will take your breath away. Ms. Hampton wants viewers to decipher strong messages about how past actions affect the future. Get ready for a great thrill ride when you join us at the premiere or as the film rolls out in other formats for future release.

The Blood Brothers is brought to film by Black Powerhouse Film.

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MaryJean Taylor-Hutt