Picture 2The life of radio personalities…. They come and they go…. But in this instance I’m sure we all want him to stay.  The Big Dawg Boogie D has accepted the Program Director job at the #7th ranked station in the country– WPHI (100.3 The Beat in Philly).  If you are unfamiliar it’s the same station Charlamagne Tha God is on.  It’s still Radio One and in my honest opinion its a good move & a good look.  Rather you loved him or hated him, you must admit he made radio fun again.  His reign over St. Louis Radio was short lived but he definitely left an impact on St. Louis Radio.

Also, his wife, Jami B co-host of The Demetrious JOhnson Show and owner of Suite Ballentine will be closing her doors and also leaving for the city of Brotherly love!!!

Good Luck.  & Thank You.

“I don’t give a damn about the competition, it’s nothing personal it’s just their on a different squad”

Those are the words of Hot 104.1 and Foxy 95.5’s Operations Manager. But don’t think for a second that statement is arrogant without merit. Boogie D’s story is one of divine intervention and a need to always push himself harder than the day before. His radio career began in the unlikely city of Tucson AZ. After taking the mic at a frat party he caught the eye of  a local radio jock of the Saturday Night Rap Show. As the unofficial “intern” he was able to host the weekly mix show and quickly worked his way up to becoming the station’s program director at the age of 22. His knack for making business and childhood friends would further his career into a journey that he was more than willing to take. He found himself in the cities of Greensboro, Charlotte, and DC. With each city he came and stamped his presence but he credits Greensboro with the place that molded him into the radio jock he is today. Finally he would find himself back in his hometown of New York City working at Virgin Records with childhood friend Jermaine Dupri.  Although working in the record industry was something new, the love of radio was something that he couldn’t deny. So when the opportunity presented itself to move to St. Louis and run Radio One’s urban stations it was seen as a golden opportunity. “The independent scene here in St. Louis is one of the best I have seen in any city” was his reply when asked about St. Louis style of music. “I’ve been to many places but I think this city’s music is so underrated.” Since touching down in the Lou his main focus and goal was to change St. Louis radio by giving back to the listeners. “We are the best freakin radio station because we are all about St. Louis” As Boogie speaks those words they are said with an honest conviction of truth. As promotion after promotion is rolled out on both stations, his team of jocks are aware that their station is a force to be reckoned with because they fought hard to make it better. From Toys for Tots to Super Jam, the Hot and Foxy squads are always in the streets.  Time is starting to prove that Boogie D does have the midas touch when it comes to saving radio stations. Even though he has the right to gloat his ego stays checked by the fact that he is just a vessel that entertains people with music and laughter. “No one and nothing is bigger than the music. But I’m always fighting in this business and it’s for all good reasons. I’m constantly in war mode”  The future for the two stations have never looked brighter but if you think that means they are in relaxed mode, think again. This general is ready and willing to take his teams all the way to the victory line.

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