There are events, and then there are Martell events. If you don’t know the difference or have never been to one, I invite you to read a long as I share my eventful night with you. Known for their exclusivity, class and refined taste; Martell graced the City of St. Louis with an intriguing night one would love to repeat every week. So, where do I begin? Well before I even get to the door, my unknown quest begins with an invitation that peaks my curiosity and leaves a lot to the imagination. With no real idea, what to

expect; I reserved my name and awaited the details of this night. In sure fashion, with an undisclosed location (unless you reserved your spot), Martell stood true to form embodying the company’s slogan “Be Curious.” Tucked quietly away in the historic, French Soulard district from the moment you enter H.O.M.E. (that’s House of Martell Entertainment by the way), you are greeted with decadence. The rich décor highlighted by the company’s signature blue lighting gave me the impression the night was going to be quite different, yet pleasurable.

I walked through the parlor area with a beautiful wood bar top and illuminated shelving full of the finest cognac as I made my way into the party area. This room gave off a sexy feel as the plush, blue and yellow furniture sat in front of white sheer drapery. I had no idea where to start as I look to my right and see a new twist on a photo booth, and a bar also covered in Martell cognac. While to my left a dance floor, and a hidden bar with drinks being served by hidden people with gloved hands. In front of me stood a DJ booth with the company’s slogan lit up in neon lights on a wall.

I continued to walk around as I took in the ambiance only to encounter a live painting covered in blue with the Martell logo. If it had not been for her subtle movements, her presence would have been undiscovered. After surveying the room, I made my way to the bar to see what delicious cocktails Martell has created for me to indulge in tonight. Unsure to what to pick, I started with the Bordeaux and made a mental note to come back and try the other 3 I couldn’t decide on. After getting my drink, I found my way to the sitting area with the gorgeous furniture. It was like a showroom in Pier 1 and IKEA put together. As I sat, server after server came by with trays of delectable appetizers to sample. Everything from the lamb chops to deviled eggs was beyond delicious. And if that wasn’t enough, the crepe station added the perfect French touch to the night. The burlesque dancers combined with the saxophone player gave me the feeling of an underground juke joint with good music to dance too. And let’s not forget the DJ who played some old and new jams all night to keep the crowd engaged and running to the bar for more of those tasty cocktails. I have to be honest and say out of all of the cocktails I tried, Arc de Triumph had to be my favorite of the night. Truth be told, I think it was the favorite among quite a few people that night. All in all, H.O.M.E. was something different, unexpected, grown and sexy, and the perfect amount of fun wrapped up in one night. I don’t know about you, but if you’re looking for something like nothing you’ve ever experienced; I hoped I have peaked your curiosity just enough for you to see what the House of Martell Entertainment brings to a city near you.

Shout Out to @1CognacPapi for sharing H.O.M.E. with the Home team!


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