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Fellas– What are you thoughts?

As we know, many trends come and go quickly. What’s hot today could very well be forgotten tomorrow. This particular fashionable craze, the male romper, is far from new. Deriving from the vintage Jumpsuit with a slight variation on lengths and design, the Male Romper was created. This season has given several innovations to the look, and making the variety more to choose from and the romper more wearable than ever before.

I’m here for all of it, but here’s the thing… The trick to successfully pull off the look is solely in the fit of the jumper. Granted: the variety of items in a man’s wardrobe is expanding, but for the most part it’s still very limited. So Why Not? A play on the material and style can be the recipe for the perfect new addition to your wardrobe. Many leading retailers like Zara, Armani, and Asos have already created several renditions.

The key here is to wear whatever you are comfortable in; despite whatever is trending. Confidence in every detail, accessory, and fashion already gives you “One Up”.