Whether your makeup is modest or tends to be bolder, a great eyeshadow palette is a must-have in every beauty gurus makeup bag! Finding good quality eyeshadow that applies and appears well can be a struggle, add finding one at an affordable price to the equation and you‚Äôre in an even worse spot than before. However, there‚Äôs no need to be discouraged, we took it upon ourselves to gather info via apps like Tik Tok, beauty gurus, and trusted makeup artists to find the best products!

From no transfer shades to mixable pigments, there is a palette suited for anyone.¬† Not only do these eyeshadows appear high quality and have a range of shades they will also be sure to add a bit of oomph to any look! These are some of the best highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes that will slay your makeup without hurting your bank account. You¬†won’t¬†be disappointed!¬†

Yany Beauty 

The Minah palette is a collection of 15-shades consisting of highly pigmented matte, frosted, and shimmery shades. These beautiful colors are great for all skin tones, can be used to make beautiful eye combinations, or be used solo and still leave you looking amazing. Purchase this palette here: Yany Beauty 

Juvias Place


Juvias place is known for its bold, bright, long-wear shades, while also being affordable. Palettes start at just $15 and offer a large range of color shades to choose from!  Whether you’re buying a palette that consists of neutrals only or a palette with pops of colors, your eye makeup is sure to bring attention to your eyes, and help you accomplish a look to die for! Purchase this palette here: Juvias Place 


These Mented eyeshadow palettes are designed with melanin in mind! Every shade is made with enough pigment to make your eyes and makeup pop! They offer palettes for everyday and nightlife wear, so any make-up lover can get the Mented experience! Purchase this palette here Mented 

Crayon Case 

If you’re someone who adores bright shadows, this palette is a game changer. Just like a crayon box, this palette offers a range of bright colors full of pigment that will leave you standing out and look gorg! Purchase this pallette here: Crayon Case 


The Fenty palette offers multiple shades that are easy to blend and long lasting! These beautiful colors can be used to create calm looks or looks suited for a night out and can even be mixed and matched to find your favorite color combos! Purchase this palette here: Fenty 


Iman eyeshadow palettes offers users gorgeous, crease free looks. Not only are these shades easy to apply, but they are highly pigmented, appear silky, and result in the high quality look every makeup guru strives to perfect! Purchase this palette here: Iman

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

These beautiful shades offer makeup lovers long lasting beats, poppin’ pigments, apply smoothly and are available in various finishes. With this palette you can experiment with neutral colors, glittery shades or bright hues that draw in attention instantly! Purchase this palette here: Coloured Raine Cosmetics 

Denessa Myricks 

The Denessa Myricks eyeshadow palette is full of new shades to try! This formula is perfect in the sense that it blends well, is buildable and looks great with other eyewear products! These colors can also be mixed together for desired shades, leaving you looking even more original and stunning than before! Purchase this palette here: Denessa Myricks 

DELUX Beauty