Billionaire Boys Club pays homage to the Brown’s Beach Jacket Co. by producing a replica – inspired in terms of both style and fabric – of the brand’s timeless jacket design. Produced with slight contemporary alterations, standout details including the recognizable thick woolen trim, two tone weave, and signature “Space Beach” gold buttons. Established in Rhode Island in 1927 and heralded the jacket that “kept Admiral Byrd warm at the South pole”, Browns Beach is regarded as one of the earliest examples of technical wear. Named as the ‘favourite of the outdoorsmen for over 60 years’ in a 1967 advertisement, Browns Beach (styling Mr. Brown, fabric by Mr. Beach) today remains a highly collectible and sought after label. Made from a heavy wool in a herringbone weave, the unique two-ply effect keeps out the cold and damp whilst hugging the body like a sweater. Available now through BBC/Ice Cream stores.

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