Bill Cosby can’t catch a break. It seems the long-time philanthropist and actor hiatus from court has ended. Cosby, on trial in 2017 for sexual assault is back inside a Pennsylvania courtroom. This time, it appears there may be even more bad news.

Just two weeks after the death of his daughter Ensa, Cosby is said to be appearing in court for a pretrial hearing Monday morning. According to the Hollywood Reporter, prosecutors are looking to call as many as 19 women to the witness stand to show a pattern of Cosby drugging and sexually mistreating women over the course of five decades.

Last year, after months of an ongoing trial and public scrutiny, Cosby’s trial ended in a hung jury, declaring it a mistrial.

The new trial is scheduled to begin April 2nd and Cosby’s lawyers are reportedly conflicting with prosecutors on the amount of witnesses allowed to testify. In his previous trial, the judge only allowed one witness to testify.

Cosby’s lawyers are looking to have the large amount of witnesses thrown out like his previous trial. Their first strategy has been a request for the case to be thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct. If they are unable to sway the judge to throw the case out, they are fighting to reduce the amount of witnesses. The last resort will be to be pushing for a delayed trial.

Jury selection is slated to begin March 29th.

Cosby, like so many others have been called out for sexual conduct which helped bring attention to the #MeToo campaign. Hopefully, other people who have been accused of this will also have their day in court.



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