Over quarantine, millions took it upon themselves to use the extra time they had inherited to start businesses or dabble in the entrepreneur field! Some new business owners were met with an instant amount of great feedback and can now officially consider themselves successful entrepreneurs. However, for some, the task did not come so easy, many individuals came to the realization that starting businesses took more drive than they had, and others simply never got the recognition their side hustle deserved.

When taking a look at why certain businesses don’t succeed it’s easy to blame the obvious, like the product itself or even packaging. However, for many it can be traced back to lack of planning, patience or inexperience. The possibilities are endless, but after taking the most pressing issues into consideration we gathered a list of items and services that’ll be helpful to anyone working to get their side hustle up and running! Check them out! 

How to be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis

Though it’s certainly not as easy as it sounds, this book will show any entrepreneur the tools they need to become a success. How to be an Overnight Success dives into the hard truths about building your own business including the struggles, the dedication needed, and most importantly tips to master patience. 

Rae of Light Digital 

Social media can be an entrepreneur’s best friend. And while posting and liking is pretty simple, getting your posts seen by the right audiences can be a hassle. If your entrepreneur bestie is trying to grow their indie brand and struggling with social media advertising, buy them a strategy session from Rae of Light Digital! 

The Success Acceleration Planner & Gratitude Journal 

Anyone who is familiar with business understands the importance of brainstorming, jotting down notes, and keeping their day organized! This journal will assist your best friend in planning their day and remaining grateful for what they’ve already accomplished.    

Think Board

One of the biggest tasks that comes with being an entrepreneur is brainstorming! Whether your friend needs to write down ideas for their next business move or track their product inventory, a think board will help them get their thoughts together! 

Inspirational Pen Set 

Sometimes all our closest friend needs is a reminder to keep them going! Well these pens are perfect for that. This six pack of colorful pens includes phrases such as “All I do is win”, “Stay Golden” and “Creative Genius”! 

Coffee Mug 

One of the easiest gifts to give is a mug! This coffee mug will give the perfect inspirational message to your best friend whenever they use it, keeping them energized throughout the day. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to say thank you! These customizable thank you cards may be just what you best friend needs to express their gratitude to those they’ve been working with. These cards are classy, personable and sure to help your bestie leave a good mark on whoever they may encounter! 

Logo Consultation

We’ve all had that friend with a new business who needs a logo. Save them the headache and give the gift of a logo consultation from 99designs.com. Whether you know an aspiring event planner, baker or interior designer, they’ve got a team of professionals that can help your bestie create a logo to jump start or refresh their brand.

Do you have any suggestions on gifts for your entrepreneur BFF! If so, Contact Us!

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