It’s no secret that the hair product industry is continuously growing. And with so many new products being added to the market, keeping up with fresh brands can be difficult. But one company that has received immediate welcoming and support is Bask and Lather Co.

Shaina Rayford of Bask & Lather

Instantly beloved for their life changing products – this brand has earned praise from everyone between families to reality television stars. A line with several products formulated for men and women offer individuals the ability to take the best care of their hair, without exposing skin and strands to toxic or harmful chemicals.

Ran by a family with a direct connection to hair loss, this company knows exactly how it feels to desire gaining back confident and getting results – and that’s exactly what this line of haircare offers.  

Bask & Lather got their start after a ringworm caused the founder, Shaina Rainford’s, younger sister to lose all her hair. The experience was rough, and emotion packed.

After being told by dermatologists that the young girl’s hair may never grow back, desperation set in. Feeling like there were no more options, Shaina’s mother took matters into her own hands. She created two blends – and with the help of her eldest daughter perfected the formula that is now the Scalp Stimulator and Hair Elixir. Both work to promote growth and strengthen strands and are now the business’s top sellers and worldwide sensations.

Shaina, a registered nurse practitioner herself, worked with her mother to improve the recipes and guarantee that the components were all natural and secure. Ensuring that the ingredients would help, instead of resulting in long term harm.  

The Hair Elixir and Scalp Stimulator were the first two items of the growing brand. Both products are made entirely of organic, natural components which have proven to work better than some of the most expensive and out of the box treatments.

Shaina Rainford in an interview said “Our Scalp Stimulator aided in growing my sister’s from completely bald to waist length. We have customers globally that have had great success with our products, even after all else failed (hair transplants, PRP injections, steroid injections, other products etc.).”

The Scalp Stimulator is a special item that has a lot to offer its user. It stimulates the scalp, boosts blood flow, and encourages strong hair growth. It has a light yet effective vibration that eases stress and soothes the scalp. A soft-touch massage tip is also included in the product to provide a more soothing experience.

The Bask and Lather stimulator has received numerous favorable ratings from customers. Reviewers have noticed better blood flow, less scalp problems, and thicker, healthier hair growth in some of the most difficult cases.  

While the brand may have got their name from their two flagship products, they continue to make noise in the industry with several others. Offering products like hair mist, eyelash serum, and shampoos, Bask & Lather is tackling almost every spot you could imagine! Even selling a beard oil which has been proven to seal moisture, promote growth and thick, healthy strands.  

Although young, the company is already flourishing. After going viral on social media and gaining exposure from many desperate customers- the brand has developed a cult-like following. Customers swear by their products. Whether they went from having fragile or bald edges, to thick ones they can style or suffering from serious conditions like alopecia. Bask & Lather has proven their natural products are the truth, and they’re here to stay!  

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