Unlike other magical creatures such as unicorns and the tooth fairy, black girl magic is real—and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is proof of it. Once again, the black woman is the savior of mankind. On Wednesday, newly elected Lance Bottoms took the stance that so many other black leaders (other than Auntie Maxine) have been afraid to say:

Fuck you Trump.

Okay I’m adlibbing, but in a way her actions said just that so I’m sort of right. Anyway, on the same day as the person impersonating the President signed the executive order to halt the separation of children from their families at the border—Bottoms whipped out her pen and signed her own executive order for the city of Atlanta.

In short, Bottoms’ executive order read like:

Trump you and those racist bastards can kiss my entire ass. Me and mine will not be participating in this bullshit you have going on regarding this new form of slavery. Our jails are for actual criminals and are not available for housing innocent people who are just trying to have a better life. Every one of y’all are full of shit and I will not be a part of it.

Okay I’m adlibbing again, however, she did sign an executive order for Atlanta jails to cease from accepting migrants detained by ICE until she has it on good authority they are no longer ripping families apart.

Donald Trump Is the Reality TV Star You Loathe Seeing Every Time You Turn On Your TV

Bottoms is just one of many across the country, who have been disgusted by Trump and his administration’s BS policies and treatment of migrant families, especially the children.

In a statement to The Hill, Bottoms stated, “On behalf of the people of Atlanta, I am calling upon the Trump Administration and Congress to enact humane and comprehensive measures that address our broken immigration system.”

Bottoms went on to say she will not take the risk of being complicit in the separation of families. She added she hopes her refusal to participate in Trump’s new slave trade doesn’t result in the migrants being sent to private facilities which could possibly result in harsher treatment (because we all know how private prisons treat folks) of the migrants.

Although Trump fake saved the day and issued a temporary cease order to separating families—the order does have some wiggle room which does not explain how long families will be held. This in turn could mean the President and his KKK posse could hold people hostage indefinitely.

As usual, a black woman steps up and does what she always does….

Gets shit done.

Keisha Lance Bottoms Spreads Her Black Girl Magic Across Atlanta

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