Much has been said recently about Arrested Development’s “good old days.”

That’s probably fitting, of course, since 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the Atlanta-based hip-hop crew. As a result, media outlets — such as the popular TV One documentary show “Unsung” — have turned the spotlight on AD’s frontman Speech and delved into the rise, fall, and rise of the group (which made history in 1993 as the first rap act to win the Grammy’s Best New Artist award).

But AD isn’t just some aging, oldies-but-goodies band. Last month, the group released a brand-new studio album (Standing at the Crossroads) that is being distributed as a free download on its website. And this month, AD kicked off its 20th anniversary tour, which is set to take them around the nation and the world; the band is even slated to play a Oct 20th  gig at 2720 Cherokee  for Leisure Studies and Rockhouse Ent. ‘s upcoming event.

Doors open at 7pm with live art, 4 DJ’s, DJ KUT’s Bday Bash, a VIP Reception with Arrested Developement, open bar, catering provided by LOLA, and a ton of other aminities.  This is the pace to be on October 20th!!!!


And DELUX has tickets for who ever can quote the best lyrics from this well traveled hiphop band.

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