Every woman has a moment of clarity—that moment when she reclaims control of her life and redirects herfocus. At 31-years-of-age, Fox 2 News reporter, April Simpson was enjoying a carefree life in her prime.With no husband or children to share her focus, she cultivated her career and prepared for a promisingprofession as a news anchor for St. Louis’s number one morning news station. “Everything was great.Life was just—great. I love what I do.

We’re doing great at Channel 2,” begins an emotional Simpson, pausingto refl ect on life prior to receiving the news that would send her life in a new direction. “I’m just trying to think of how itwas before then. Now it’s so hard to think of how it used to be. I’ve gotten so used to living with this. But life was good,”she reassured.Simpson was secretly a source of support for a fellow coworker who was previously diagnosed with a tumor.

She proudlyrecalled accompanying her colleague to hospital visits for MRIs and other care. Without knowledge, as she was an angelto a friend in need; she would soon discover they shared a similar story.“I kept having bad headaches for nearly a year. I kept going to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a sinus infection threetimes in 2010. I kept thinking ‘something just isn’t right’. I thought I was having an aneurism or something.” Simpson continued,“I would go to the doctor, and they’d say, ‘sinus infection’ and give me antibiotics, but the antibiotics didn’t work.I was taking everything. Nothing worked….

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