The new movement, African American owned Food Trucks but cooking differnt cultural foods.  Look at how these few Black entrpreneurs are stopping gang violence, working together in a community, and given them resources to become self suffcient!  Please click the link below and check out the segment by our friends over at FIRST WE FEAST

Welcome to Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series hosted by Miss Info. As a music journalist, she’s travelled the world and seen the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now, she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from Atlanta’s lemon-pepper wings, to NYC’s beef patties. These are America’s food grails.

In episode 1, Miss Info meets a group of young, charismatic African-American entrepreneurs from Watts, South L.A, and Compton who are shaking up the taco scene, finding new meaning in L.A.’s iconic street food. Find out how upstarts like All Flavor No Grease and Taco Mell are making a name for themselves, and why rapper Casey Veggies says, “The food game turned into the rap game.”

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