This is America. The country that openly celebrates horrific holidays like Independence Day & Columbus Day, claims its the land of the white free, and fights for monuments that are anti-patriotic, while stomping on the rights of others, and claiming it’s beyond the days of slavery and racism. But in all fairness, this is white people’s America, and here in white people’s America—you basically have to fight to observe any holiday (MLK, Juneteenth) that goes against the MAGA narrative this make believe President is pushing.

Never mind, the fact that everything about this holiday is backward as hell and even though, the colonizers were fighting to be “free” of Great Britain’s tyranny and dictatorship—they quickly forgot how they too were tyrants, murderers and dictators over the millions of people (Indians, Africans) residing within the country.

But of course, none of that matters, because on this day—white people did a good thing and were the heroes in their own freedom story. Still and all, as a black woman, I cannot openly celebrate this holiday, since my people knew of no such independence or were even allowed to read the piece of paper that allegedly declared the birth of America’s freedom, and here’s five reasons why:

1. Africans Americans were still slaves in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed by a bunch of slave owners. So when the hypocritical day was officially recognized as a holiday, black people weren’t “technically” classified as free until 89 years later.

2. If #1 wasn’t enough of a reason not to celebrate— Jim Crow and segregation continued for another 100 years; therefore, still proving black people who at this point were American citizens, were not “free.”

3. Racism still exist and the violence, along with financial, educational, social, legal and political inequalities against black people are still occurring today.

4. Police are still killing black people like they did during their slave-catching and civil rights days to maintain the idea and traditions of white supremacy this country was founded on.

5. Trump is President

….and that right there proves we are nowhere near being free from any of this stupid shit, and why I will never observe this MAGA-ass holiday.

Juneteenth Is The Blackest Freedom Holiday Ever….Not That Other Day

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