People with locs, braids, and twists love the beauty the hairstyle itself has to offer, but the addition of jewelry sure gives a special touch that keeps heads turning and one’s self-confidence at its peak. 

Zigleys understands this reality, and as a new company, it brings its vibrance and personality to haircare. Zigleys has paved the for the hair industry with fresh, never before seen ideas and initiatives that will take the black community by storm as a Black-Owned brand. 

The truth is, black hairstyles are filled with traditional and modern motivations, and Zigleys wants to ensure that it is showcased in an unforgettable manner – because it is! Black hairstyles demand attention, and when this is deliberately coupled with the Zigleys 18-Karat gold line of breath-taking designs, it will come alive, especially with the accented diamond embedded pieces to give the perfect pizazz!

For the braid, locs, and twists, lovers interested in this level of extravagance to further accentuate their beautiful hairstyles can look forward to spending the amount of $1000-$5000; with the certainty of quality and authenticity.

Zigleys is paving the way to eradicate the long-standing stigma that individuals who wear these hairstyles are not professional or luxurious enough to make a statement. Though Zigleys believes in the quality they offer, the reality is that black hairstyles can easily create a statement all by themselves. 

However, seeing we are already sure of what black hairstyles bring comfortably to the table as embedded richly in culture, there is no need not to adorn it. 

The adornment of black hairstyles is popularly endorsed on social media. Natural hair influencers and celebrities regularly accessorize their hairstyles to suit their liking. As the multicultural growth in the world expands and the culture of the black community continues to spread far and wide, you can look forward to Zigleys actively supplying the wearers of these hairstyles with only the best. 

As a new business on the scene of hair accessories, you can happily anticipate an exciting contest! This contest will offer the chance of an individual winning the grand prize – a Zigleys diamond-embedded jewelry piece. 

All lovers of locs, twists, and braids deserve to be offered the experience Zigleys so happily looks forward to present. Click here for contest entry.

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