In the 30 for 30 doc, “Broke” ESPN dives deep into the world of pro athletes that had issues managing their money.

Consequentially, they end up well-broke. Keith McCants, a former football player blew 7 mil on a yacht, a mansion, a couple cars. Andre Rison says he “can guarantee you I spent a million dollars on jewelry alone.”

Whoa, big dawg. Y’all gotta chill. If I had a million dollars?

Honestly, it would probably mostly go toward student loan debt and some other things but like the great teacher and philosopher, Kanye West says ” I got a couple past due bills. I won’t get specific. ”

Me neither, Ye. Me neither. So I digress on that.

But guys like Bobby Bonilla ( former MLB player for the Mets) apparently don’t have those kinds of problems like us po’folk.  According to the homies over at Complex, “Despite having not played for the Mets since 1999 and not having played at all since 2001, Bonilla will make a cool million every year through 2035”, and he’s not alone.

Tony Romo, Todd Helton, Josh Smith.. Each of them is still being paid by their old teams.

In a nutshell, deferred payments usual occur per a player’s contract and are growing to be increasingly common.  I think it’s dope that sporting teams make it their business to support players beyond their years with them. Ballin’ Retirement plan. I can dig it.

Head over to Complex to see the complete listing of players and what they’re being paid.

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