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DELUX is all about influencing the influencer—pushing the culture forward while highlighting those who do the same thing. Our Publisher, Keith Griffin sat down with Su Solo, one part to the Baller Alert Podcast trio, to speak to her about the culture and how she’s doing her part to inform and influence those around her. Check out what she had to say!


DX: I read somewhere when you stated “It all started when the culture needed it the most” explain that.

Su Solo: Anyone who pays attention to energy and the way it shifts understands that feeling you get when something big is happening. Now more than ever this generation needs a space to be creative, loved and respected with all the political tension. when I said that, I was thinking of everyone who can’t live in the shadows anymore, the dream catchers, and I included myself in that group. Not only is chasing your dreams about self-love, but you learn that your purpose is real and necessary…the culture needs us.

DX: So obviously you are an important part of the branding scene. How does a person become an influencer? What are those traits? And what is expected from the brands?

SS: It’s weird thinking of myself as an influencer so I don’t know how to answer that for real—but I will say people make me feel more love than I could’ve ever imagined the feeling. People say traits of an influencer are drive, social skills, compassion, and strength. I expect Brands I work with to provide a platform for me to take my creativity in marketing their products to my next level if not higher. There needs to be support, trust and a willingness to listen to someone who can provide a grass-rooted experience for consumers.

DX: What is life like as an influencer? Walk our readers through your Friday.

SS: Friiyaayy! I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about my weekly brunch series Saturdays in ATL—so Fridays are a mix of excitement and a little anxiety. We’ve been at BQE Lounge for 3yrs and there are always people from all over the world who join us, so you just never know how everyone is going to vibe but silly me! People are social, they dance, make new friends, eat, drink, eat and drink some more and really soak up the experience. It always feels like the first time to me.

I go over reservations again, make sure I review my social media impressions to understand what my followers enjoy and don’t, go through as many emails as I can, begin to pull images for future promo material and whatever else needs to be done before the weekend.

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Su Solo – Baller Alert Podcast

DX: What brands do you currently represent or in the past?

SS: I’ve been able to work with Brands from hair companies to liquor companies and even clothing Brands. Most recently it’s been Perrier Jouet, Martell, and Support Black Colleges.

DX: How was it working with Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment?

SS: Working for such a powerhouse has its ups and downs. Most importantly, it’s an experience I believe helped lead me to where I am. You meet so many people who have contributed so many different things to society and our culture that it feels like time is moving super, super fast. So, you learn rather quickly that the industry isn’t for the weak or tired, you keep up or get left behind. Spent a beautiful decade + with AG Entertainment and looking back, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

DX: You are involved in a lot of things. Tell us about this iPod cast with You, KB, and Ferrari Simmons?

SS: The Baller Alert Show is such a dope opportunity! I get to sit with my mentors and brothers Kenny Burns and Ferrari Simmons and literally have the freshest conversation in media. Our Producer is a dope WOMAN named Octavia and my friends, Chris and Rious, are on the visuals so there’s love everywhere. Baller Alert reaches millions of people who love to engage and follow our most popular segments like Comment Creepin’ or Baller Mail which gets really crazy! We’re over 25 Episodes in so catch up on and join the conversation!

To read DELUX’s full interview with Su Solo, download our summer issue here.

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