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Meghan Markle: Skin Goals

Preparing for a wedding can be the most stressful event in your life.

There is so much to do, so little time and so many details that require your attention. Plus you have a long list of personal things to do such as drink your water, get in the gym and secure your makeup and hair appointments.

Beauty is one of the first investments that future brides look over, ensuring they get consultations and color-matching decided beforehand for hair and makeup. It’s so easy to feel the pressure to have a flawless airbrushed look so that your photos look perfect.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the Royal Wedding cost over $45 Million dollars with the beauty bill (hair, skin and makeup) totaling over $13,000. Just goes to show you that you can’t skimp on these details. Your skin is a major part of your wedding investment too.

One thing Meghan Markle taught us at the Royal Wedding is that skin is definitely in. She opted for a timeless hair style and natural makeup look that showcased her beautiful freckles.

You can definitely tell that she had a skincare regimen to prep for the event. Her facialist, Nichola Joss, started her on a series of treatments six months before her big day and she looked absolutely stunning.

So how can you get this type of glow at your wedding? Get yourself a team of professionals!

When you book your hair and makeup appointments, don’t forget your skincare professional too. You will want to start at least 3-5 months before your big day. Your facialist can help you with any corrective work (if you have acne or scarring) and get you on a skincare regimen that will ensure you have a beautiful foundation.

This will greatly help your makeup artist to have a smooth canvas to work with and you will definitely have royal skin goals of your own.

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