Candles can transform and illuminate any room, creating nostalgic and cozy experiences for all. And, if you’re a candle lover, you understand the need for splurging on the perfect one! Having the right candle can make a space feel comfier, elicit old memories, and set the tone for any desired mood. The ones that are non-toxic, burn long, fill the room with strong scents and create the desired vibe; require a bit more of an investment, and candles this perfect can also be tricky to find. So, we’ve done some research and composed a list of some of our favorite black-owned candle brands that’ll be sure to elevate your aroma experiences. 

The Modern Chameleon 

If you’re a candle lover who also believes in saving the planet, check out this black-owned brand! Not only do these Modern Chameleon soy candles smell amazing, but they are also long-lasting and will envelop any space with the selected scent! Packaged with sustainable and reusable materials and made with paraben, gluten, plastic, and aluminum-free ingredients only sourced in the US, these fragrances infuse rooms with amazing aromas and protect anyone inhaling them! The Modern Chameleon 

Harlem Candle Co.

The Harlem Candle Company was first brought to life in 2014 when travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson decided to combine her passion for jazz, Harlem, and fragrances to curate a now-thriving business.  Each candle is inspired by Harlem individuals and iconic locations including the “Ellington” and “Langston” scents. Each fragrance surrounds you in strong scents and makes you feel just like you’re in Harlem. Harlem Candle Co.

Southern Elegance Candle Co

Sweet tea, apples & bourbon, and magnolia blossom. If you’re from the south or have ever spent time there, these scents are nothing but a reminder of the trademark aromas so many of us have grown to love! The candle company Southern Elegance aims to replicate and remind individuals of the amazing scents found in the south. Crafted with a soy wax blend, these candles burn clean, smell strong, are non-toxic, and will fill any area with a bit of southern twang! Southern Elegance Candle Co

Good Day Scents 

This black-owned candle brand will bring you a fragrance for every mood. These products are hand-poured in the D.C area, crafted with soy wax, lead-free, and made with cotton wicks. They can be purchased in unique scents including pineapple sage, Cinnamon Chai and grapefruit mangosteen and have a burn time of 50 to 60 hours. Good Day Scents 

Forvr Mood 

Well-known beauty influencer Jackie Aina has entered the world of candles and is not disappointing! These candles have been made with black women and prioritizing their self-care in mind. With that being said, these 100% natural coconut soy wax have a scent and mood that anyone can relate to. Indulge in enticing smells including gingerbread, matcha, pine, or champagne that lasts up 60 hours just to name just a few! Forvr Mood 

Colossal Candles

 This Esty shop has taken candles to the next level. If you couldn’t tell by their name this black-owned business creates colossal soy candles that measure up to 180 ounces!  Fill your surroundings with soft scents like warm vanilla sugar, pumpkin apple, and peach magnolia, and minimize the number of candles you go through!  Colossal Candles

Spoken Flames

These spoken flame candles have been crafted to provide individuals with a multisensory experience like no other. The company takes pride in its dual wooden wicks, which produce nostalgic crackling sounds similar to a fireplace. These candles can also be recognized for the golden shimmer they give off when lit and the strong scent that invades any room they are lit in. Indulge in scents ranging from spices, fruits, and a number of other beautiful elements. Spoken Flames

Laguna Candles

In 2003 Laguna candles was founded and has now grown into a business committed to making fragrance experiences top tier! The brand takes pride in collaborating with artisans to create custom reusable hand-blown glass vessels that are beautiful and add spunk to any room. Made with 100% unbleached cotton wicks and a coconut wax blend, each aroma offers high-quality results, sustainability, and an overall unforgettable candle experience! 

From candles that offer nostalgic southern scents to the ones that give you multisensory experiences, these amazing black-owned candle brands are sure to have an option for any candle lover. This list offers candles suitable for all moods, lovers of differing aromas, sizes, and decorative tastes. Make sure you check them out, show the black business some love, and up your candle game! Laguna Candles

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