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At 8pm on September 1st at The Nine Network Commons be prepared for a fashion show with a meaning deeper then the dark colors of the line. “Im giving them more then I’ve ever given in a show,” says fashion designer Beeombi about his up and coming fashion presentation this Thursday for House Ov Beeombi titled, “Sept. First.”




“I want people to come to this show and be driven by inspiration. I want people to go home and create their own art. To create their own passion and know that we as African-Americans can have something just as great.”

This line has a deeper meaning than just the next creative fashion show to happen in St. Louis. This is a big step in the fashion world for STL and a milestone of Beeombi’s career. He has just returned from working with the likes of Tyler Perry, the designing crew of Selma, and a finishing up a piece for Oprah Winfrey. This milestone serves as an emotional ride due to the inspiration and dedication behind it.

“This show is dedicated to my mother who passed away just one year ago. This collection is inspired by the woman my mother was and what she loved. There was no funeral or ceremony so I chose to commemorate her with the gift that she gave me, on the day that she was born, September 1st.”

This show will embody a family environment. Beeombi hopes to bring the community together just as they have come together to assist in the creation of it. CJ Pasley linked up with Beeombi as the event coordinator, Beeombi brought his head designer, TraNeisha (Triggy) to help, then photographers, writers and sponsors all came together to make this event happen.

Thursday, September 1st, will be a grand night to remember. Not just because Beeombi has invited fashion industry leaders to experience this event, but because of the fact that he is bringing together his family, team mates and the community of St. Louis to experience this as a whole.

“Every single person behind this production, down to my last sponsor are people of color. We straight get to show people that its possible. It can be done. Its a rewarding experience in totality and I think any beautiful experiences that’s worth sharing, can be shared, and its is going to be dope regardless.



Here’s a sneak peak of the 5 of 40 piece’s he showcased at last weeks’ preview.  The set features over 40 other pieces, ranging from ready to wear to abstract.

Tickets are available at