These days it is really hard to keep up with rap artist T-Dubbo O, now someone or something is trying to make it even harder. With his most recent release ‘Trapathon‘ he experienced unusual setbacks with Distribution and suddenly, the artist along with others have even had their Social Media accounts taken away. No stranger to opposition and ready for what’s up ahead we got to talk with the artist to catch up.

Trapathon to Defiance

2nd Sway’s Universe Freestyle

DM: The last time you and I spoke it was during the last project, The Drop that Spilled the Cup, which I liked very much but since then we’ve seen you with community work, Freestyling on Sway with the Champ T. Woodley, out in LA putting in some work on a collaborative together I hear. I’d like to ask you what has changed most about you and your music in between the two releases?

T Dubb O: Actually after “The Drop,” I released Pleasure Money & Pain. Crazy album. Checc that out on all platforms. Also the collaboration with the bro Tyron Woodley, Chaos Theory came out in March as well. It features Wiz Khalifa, Berner, The Knuckles, & G the Singer. Already did over a million streams and more visuals about to drop from that. I basically just been stepping into my greatness. I was too humble bacc then. I was also balancing between if I truly thought this dream was possible or was I gone stay in the streets. I decided that nothing can stop me but me, so I been going crazy with it. Got a couple albums done in the chamber, been having some meetings with execs, and getting the doors open. The talent always been there, but St. Louis has no door to the industry. I had to start going out showing the world what this city was about. What changed about me the most is, I learned who I was and what I’m capable of. I’ve been through hell since the release of The Drop. It made me stronger and more dangerous.

DM: I’ve heard some compare you to the late great Nispey Hussle, not in style but perhaps, substance due to your same affiliations and also work in the community. What do you think about that?

T Dubb O: I think it’s an honor. I’m a huge fan of Nip. Not just because of his political affiliation, but because of what he stood for. The message he put in his music and his dedication to his people. I understand the comparison. I do a lot for not just my community but blacc communities around the world. In St. Louis alone, my organization Hands Up United has fed over 50,000 people, given out 50,000 books, graduated several classes of kids from the ghetto from a free tech workshop that taught them how to code and build websites, launched a food pantry, clothing pantry, a dream cultivation program for children, bail reform, criminal justice reform, voter training, & more. We also sponsor 24 kids every year for bacc to school. We provide new shoes, dope book bags, and every item on their school supply list. I’ve stood toe toe with the military to protect my people. I come from the bottom. I know every variable oppressing us. I’m not gone just rap about it, I’m a give my all to fight it as any blacc person with a platform should be doing instead of just extorting the hood for profit and fame.

DM: This latest record Trapathon. It’s a very hard street record and club banger too. Where was it recorded? 

T Dubb O: It was recorded in Fairview Heights, IL at Doorway Studios. Recorded and mixed by Cory Rose, who also runs The Dub Room studios out in LA, mastered by Matt Sawicki from Suburban Pro studios Southside of St. Louis. I was on 4 hours of sleep in 4 days when I recorded that song. I was a college student at the time on the deans list btw, running our organization, managing my career on my own, and traveling from city to city searching for my two sons that were allowed by the state to be kidnapped by their mother while I had full emergency custody of them. I was depressed, exhausted, but hungry. My pain always motivates me to a new level. I felt like I was in a marathon for life. That’s how the record came about.

T. Woodley & T Dubbo Freestyle on Sway’s Universe

DM: What can we expect from you next Dubb?

T Dubb O: Chaos Theory collab with Tyron Woodley is out and performing beautifully. Over a million streams. When I met big bro he said God told him open doors for me. He asked me how I wasn’t famous yet. As far as my next solo project, it’s titled Defiance. It drops October 4th which is also my C-day (birthday). “Trapathon” was the first single. This is easily my best work to date. Every project I get better. I’m excited for the world to hear this. There’s no other artists from St. Louis to do what I’ve done. White House visits, killed Sway in the morning twice in one year, Battle Rap, etc. St. Louis got something to say fareal.

DM: Lastly Dubb, if there is one message that you’d like our readers to hear about your current struggles with releasing your project what would it be?

T Dubb O: Due to my political stance, fighting for my people, and always speaking out against white supremacy and systemic oppression I am being targeted and silenced. My Instagram was deleted and someone attempted to get all my music removed from outlets. I’ve been harassed and targeted more doing the right thing than I have running the streets. We lost a lot of blacc men who were prominent in Ferguson. I’m a different beast. I really did what I rap. They know this. So they have to “kill” me in other ways. Support the artists who got something to say, teach, and gone ride for you. Defiance October 4th the first single “Trapathon” out now everywhere. 

DeWarren Smith