While I was waiting for my phone conference with Samantha Lomax who is the owner of 6th and Madison, I began to get nervous. You see, I had recently attended her first 6th and Madison Gala and it was amazing and she was very humble. (Images at the end of this post)

I needed to see if she was just that!

Here we go. It was 11AM, I called her up and the phone was ringing. She answered! From the first “hello”, it was as if we were girlfriends catching up. I asked her how she was doing. She began to ramble and tell her story, her truth, and her stresses and where she stood in regards to working, maintaining 6th and Madison”, raising her daughter and being all about family.

As 6th and Madison continues to grow and become more of a corporate business, she never wants it to become bigger than the brand or bigger than the “Pinky Promise.”  Then she told me, “ok girl I’m done rambling.”

Then we began to dive right into the details:

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