This is a story about Desna, Quiet Ann, Jenn, Polly, and Virginia. The baddest sisterhood of criminals on TNT you will fall in love with.

Bonded by crime and nails, the Florida nail artisans are back for their second season on Sunday. Lead actress Niecy Nash plays Desna the owner of a nail salon. During season one, Nash and her group of girl bandits were fighting to wiggle their way from beneath the money laundering part they contributed to the Dixie Mafia—no thanks to her no-good boyfriend Roller.

Due to her high ambitions of wanting a better life, Nash played an intricate role in the pill mill clinic while trying to find a way out without killing someone. Well, that was her intention—until murder is what seemingly occurred. Under the impression she and Virginia (Karrueche Tran) killed Roller, the two spent the rest of the season trying to cover their tracks to prevent being killed by Uncle-Daddy (Dean Norris).

Things get more complicated as Desna’s best friend, Jen (played by Jenn Lyon) and daughter-in-law to Uncle-Daddy, fights to keep her husband from avenging his brother’s death and joining the family business of drugs, money crimes, and murder. All the while, not realizing her best friend is keeping the biggest secret ever—she killed Roller.

Increasing their chances of getting caught, Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) falls in love with a cop amidst them trying to keep everyone off their backs. Virginia who is the youngest and the most unreliable falls in love with Desna’s autistic brother, Dean. Polly (played by Carrie Preston) is fresh out of jail from a recent check cashing scam and is on parole with an ankle bracelet to match. With no room for error, these women are swimming in some seriously deep waters.

Crime and chaos find Nash and her friends at every corner as they find themselves falling into one pitfall after the next. While dodging the Uncle-Daddy’s suspicions, the girls find themselves caught in the crossfires of the Dixie Mafia and the Russian Mob.

By season’s end, Roller reappears, an imposing group of Russians has taken over, adding their own brand of mayhem and drama.

In Season 2, it seems we pick up with Desna and Dean revisiting their conversation of her making poor decisions to which she feels she has everything under control. As we enter Season 2, the Russians are clearly still in control and Desna has yet to crawl her way out from beneath the Dixie Mafia’s spiraling business.

Will she manage to get her lifelong dream up and running? Is it possible Roller will let her go so she can fall deeply in love with that fine, chocolate doctor she started dating in Season 1?

I don’t know—Guess you’ll have to tune in with me on Sunday! Be sure to check out the trailer below.

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