There is a scripture Isaiah 52:7 that readsHow beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” It is amazing how the word of God given over millennia ago still rings true today. Perhaps, even more amazing in this case we have entire bodies – not just feet, in the three Spirit filled women Zebrina Anderson, Nikeisha Whittier, and Sarah Benibo who make up the group God’s Chosen.

I had the distinct pleasure of conversing with Sarah Benibo over the telephone while on a long drive one Friday and instantly became exposed to a vibrancy that one normally experiences when they meet up with a lifelong friend who has amazing news. That would be the best way to describe our conversation as she told me about their beginnings at McCluer High School’s Concert & Gospel Choir to the groups hopes and plans with their ministry. They have come a long way since high school winning a number of awards, releasing two albums, Love Ever After and 1 & 6, which are now available on iTunes. The group is already preparing for their next project while booking shows across the country.

What sort of music influenced you as kids growing up?

Zebrina (guitarist): Growing up, I used to love listening to The Winans. My dad had the records and the tapes and we used to wear them out my siblings and I would sing along, not missing a lick or a beat.

Nikeisha: I have so many influences starting with Kim Burrell, Israel Houghton, to Chris Tomlin! I love so many different styles of gospel music because they all exude the message of Christ and in each message you feel His presence and His love.  But I have to give honor to my mom because that’s where it all started for me.  She inspired me to be a “Praiser” and still to this day it amazes me how God uses her!

Sarah: I loved Fred Hammond and still do.  He was everything to me.  So lyrically sound but also down to earth and cool!


What has been your biggest accomplishment as a group to date? 

Zebrina (guitarist): I’d say that our biggest accomplishment as a group thus far has been the completion and release of our sophomore album 1 & 6.  It may not seem like a grand accomplishment, but knowing the obstacles that we had to overcome to make it happen makes it huge for me. God carried us through every road-block there was, including financial, personal, geographical and whatever else, just to get this music out to the world.

Sarah: Yea, we’ve won contests and shared the stage with some talented people, but nothing is better than handing someone a piece of your art.  Our albums Love Ever After and 1&6 will hopefully outlive us and minister to generations to come!

What does success look like in the future?

Zebrina (guitarist): Success for God’s Chosen is reaching and maintaining at a platform where our music is touching people’s lives all across the world.  We want to be able to share our music and our love for GOD full-time. These songs that we’ve written and recorded are bits and pieces of our testimonies.  Rev 12:11 says, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” We certainly have a story to tell and the more people that we can reach and encourage for God’s glory, the better.

Nikeisha: Success would just being in God’s will, because everything that’s destined to be will be.  I know He has called us to reach people everywhere (not just geographically, but spiritually).  And as long as we are able to be the mouthpiece for Him we’re winning!

Sarah: Success looks like us finally being able to focus solely on ministry, without the distraction of a 9-5.  God has gifted us and it’s nothing like being able to do what you’re gifted to do every day.


Whatever is next for this amazing group of women only the Lord knows and I am certain they are content with that. Would you like to know more about these anointed women? Check them out here: and Follow them on Instagram @gc3music

DeWarren Smith