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Ladies, we finally have a woman superhero, representing for all the females out here doing the doggone thing! She’s strong, fierce,  and sexy if I’d say so myself. Making a breakout appearance in Superman vs. Batman, Wonder Woman will be debuting in her own stand-alone film. After years of the female heroine fighting beside her male counterpart; DC Comics finally gives a female superhero her own spotlight. Like Black Widow (Avengers), Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad), Catwoman and Poison Ivy (Batman), no female superhero film has made much of an impact. But all of that is set to change this Friday.

Now, don’t get it confused. Wonder Woman isn’t just some random supporting player who only backs up Superman or Batman. She’s an A-list superhero who has been around for quite some time.

Gadot will grace theaters this Friday as the iconic, Amazonian princess, Diana, better known as Wonder Woman. Unlike her heroine predecessors, this film is slated to be a box office smash. The film will begin as far back as World War I and fast forward to today. It has been a long-awaited game changer needed for female superhero films and we can definitely see DC Comics spared no expense to deliver an explosive, action packed film.

In the past, with the female superhero movies like Catwoman and Elektra failing, critics weren’t too sure if another female heroine film would ever hit theaters again. Though none of them seem to be too worried about Wonder Woman as it continues to receive rave reviews from pre-screenings.

Being a comic book junkie myself, I can’t wait to catch the movie in theaters. It’s time to see a woman with superpowers kick some butt. And hopefully, Marvel will follow suit and give us a more in depth look into Black Widow.

For a sneak peek at the movie, click here for the trailer.

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