Winslow’s Home is a family owned New American General Store featuring:

  • seasonal breakfast, lunch and supper made from scratch
  • fresh sweet and savory baked goods
  • prepared foods ready to go.
  • local and organic groceries
  • purposeful, earth friendly home essentials and gifts

I met a client here for the first time on Friday afternoon and I immediately fell in love with this place.  The old fashion charm and the smells of coffee and fresh sandwiches was to die for.  Not only does it remind you of back in the day family owned store the restaurant also houses organic groceries and a wine cellar.

While I was there I grabbed a vanilla latte that was huge and reasonably priced… [it was the size of a soup bowl–i didn’t know if I were to sip it or get a spoon]  I will definitely be going back to try some of the vegan plates and other meals from the menu…

Please check out the Winslow House theres nothing else like it in the CITY Limits

7213 Delmar | St. Louis, MO 63130


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