Well it seems Nelly’s hands may not be so clean after all!

Late last fall, rapper Nelly was accused of raping a woman on his tour bus.  Initially, the Nellyville star denied the accusations after being arrested just hours after the incident took place.

Alleged victim, Monique Greene, reported the rapper sexually assaulted her on his tour bus during a stop in Washington. Immediately following the claim, fans took to social media in efforts to defend the rapper who seemed to have a stellar reputation.

During that time, Nelly (who is a relationship with Shantel Jackson) also took to social media, immediately asserting his innocence and denying the interaction and incident ever took place. Two months later, the assault charges were dropped. Unsure if the social media bullying had anything to do with it, speculations began to surround Greene’s original claim.

According to TMZ, the victim refused to pursue further prosecution; therefore, the Prosecuting Attorney’s office no longer had a case.

Following the case being dropped, news circulated that Nelly would be suing Greene for defamation after falsely accusing him. Now, reports say the rapper has copped to having consensual sex with Greene that night.

According to The Jasmine Brand, in the police documents, both Nelly and Monique have different accounts of what allegedly happened the evening of the incident. In docs, Nelly is said to have told police that they had consensual, oral, and vaginal sex. He says that Greene removed her own clothing and that he did not use a condom. The 43-year-old artist says that he did not ejaculate. He claimed that the woman only got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers, who was also on the bus at the time.

Although, the case has been dismissed, previously confidential evidence, including photos and video from the night in question, have been released.


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