What do you do when at the age of 13 you have reached a level of acclaim that most artist work their entire lives to achieve?  You’ve conquered earth, so you take on space of course! Detroit artist Que 9 at 13 was no stranger to the spotlight. Now at age 17 it is easy to see there is an elevation in his music. He describes himself and his talent as unlike any other person and his sound as unique. He’s not of this world, hence he is Astronaut Kid

I spoke with him this week and he’s humble, genuine, charming. Even as such a young man he’s mature and self aware. It’s easy for someone much older to be tainted by something as mundane as getting verified on Instagram but not Que. He appreciates the moment and isn’t too cool to say so.  He’s literally growing up with his audience and taking the adjustments in content in stride. 

He left what most would consider a comfortable situation at a long standing Detroit indie label in order to bet on himself. He was ready to grow up and they weren’t. He started his own label and team, Strong Arm Entertainment, and began creating from his home studio setup. To him not even the sky is a limit. He’s able to be in full control of his destiny and weighing options to take his business to the next level. 

His music is fluid and cohesive. But not repetitive. The sounds are all their own but sound like they belong together. Some songs he is more melodic others more rap. Some have both. None of it sounds forced. He gives rapid fire almost arrogant bars on Freestyle & Lift Off but takes a more singsong approach on Chanel Swag & Ms. Astro. He jumps between styles effortlessly. His confidence throughout is radiant. He covers all his bases from beef to love to fashion. While the songs are definitely more appealing to the youth it also walks a line that can be appreciated by adults. He has full command of his voice, literally and figuratively. 

I don’t know what the future holds for Que 9 but I can see he has the drive and passion to succeed and that’s half the battle. He’s figured out how to win early and is now building on it. From where he stands it’s only up from here. Detroit’s prince is seeking the crown and taking a detour through space to get it. To the moon & back. 

DJ K Mean