When it comes to shopping and adding new pieces to your wardrobe the options are endless. But, have you ever asked yourself how many of our favorite brands really take their impact on the world into account? The answer is not many, so we went in search of sustainable black-owned fashion brands.

Research has proven that the fashion industry has one of the most harmful effects on the planet and the ecosystem. Clothing brands are responsible for tons of global carbon emissions and they use a massive amount of energy and water. Thankfully, many designers have taken it upon themselves to use more sustainable methods without sacrificing style!  More and more, emerging black-owned brands are offering eco-friendly fashion for everyone. 

Sustainable Fashion

Finding brands that are sustainable and stylish can sometimes be a challenge. Here at DELUX, we’ve made it a priority to bring our readers the latest in fashion. So, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sustainable black-owned brands that promise to keep your wardrobe fashionable and the earth a little happier.

Grant Blvd

Grant Blvd is a black-owned brand committed to sustainability. They pride themselves on their use of high-quality reclaimed fabrics and partnering with other companies that share their commitment to the earth. This shop offers a number of clothing collections that are perfect for all seasons, come in a number of sizes, and are created with fabrics like organic cotton twill and Lyocell! Visit Grant Blvd

Taylor Jay Collection 

This brand works to create multifaceted clothing for women of all sizes! The Taylor Jay collection is all about empowering women by making them feel good about what they are putting on and how it’s impacting the earth. To make their clothes, the brand partners with ethically sourced factories, recycles and upcycles threads, and utilizes certified eco-friendly textiles. As a result, the brand offers a number of fashionable pieces including jumpers, cardigans, and pants to name a few! Visit Taylor Jay Collection

Yoro Styles

Yoro is an award-winning stylist and designer known for using sustainable products and fabrics. Yoro’s creativity knows no bounds as she customizes looks from jewelry to clothing, tailored to meet the needs of her clients. Yoro’s work and designs have been featured in Movies, Print, and more. Her next venture will be a special solo art exhibit Art’E Facts on 2.27.22. Visit Yoro Styles

Aliya Wanek

Aliya Wanek is a fashion brand known for its loose-fitting, comfy clothes, denim, dresses, etc. The sizes range from XXS to 3x and there are a large range of colors and styles to choose from. In addition, these products are sustainable. The majority of these items are hand crafted or dyed and produced in local factories to reduce any negative environmental impact! Visit Aliya Wanek


It’s no secret that children grow at an exceptionally fast rate and while it’s exciting to watch them grow, it can also be challenging to keep updating their wardrobes (especially when you want to be socially conscious). Thankfully, Alf-phi offers sustainable and eco-friendly clothes for our little ones ranging from 3 months to 4T. These baby clothes are up-cycled from high-quality textiles to create comfy, cute and earth-friendly outfits that you and your children will adore! Visit Alf-Phi 

Roi & Rik

Roi and Rik is a lifestyle brand specializing in engaging fashion and culture through retail and design, events and education. The brand focuses on originally designed, carefully curated vintage and thoughtfully thrifted clothing, jewelry and home goods. We simply fell in love with their Hope Macaulay inspired Oversized Chunky chenille hand knitted sweater but with so many beautiful options you have to look for yourself. Visit Roi & Rik

Autumn Adeigbo

Add prints and pops of color into your wardrobes with the Autumn Adeigbo line. This eco-friendly and exclusive collection has been crafted by female-owned production companies in the U.S. To further the eco-conscious ways the line focuses on minimizing fabric waste, employing global artisans and produces only what is ordered to eliminate any unnecessary harm! Visit Autumn Adeigbo

Zou Xou 

Eco-friendly shoes that offer comfort, style, and options for everyone can be difficult to come by, so it’s a good thing we found Zou Xou! These shoes are handcrafted In Buenos Aires, Argentina from premium materials using age-old techniques and have been perfected so that they are not only long-lasting but reduce energy use and waste. There are a number of shoe sizes and styles to pick from, so you can feel good about changing up your wardrobe while having a good impact on the earth! Visit Zou Xou


Pashko is a sustainable clothing brand that offers options for men and women! Each item is made by craftsmen in the United States. The brand openly acknowledges the negative impact fashion has on the earth and actively works towards bettering our planet. Pashko uses 43% reclaimed fabric to craft their items, stays away from 900 toxic chemicals, and is 85% vegan to name a few of their eco-friendly efforts! Visit Pashko

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