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“Fashion is simply a creator creating; but style is an artist’s ability to express.”      – Joe Hodge Simply Just Joe


On Monday November 7, St Louis’s own Joe Hodge along with L. Kelly Kustom Kreations, merged fashion and crafting into one sole aspect. The anticipated “Pop Up Show” celebrated its second annual event at Rustins Place, located at 1114 N. Sarah St. Designer Joe Hodge presented pieces of his collection including women and men’s fashion and accessories. L. Kelly displayed handcrafted pieces and artwork as well.

Joe Hodge’s first encounter with the world of fashion stemmed from his passion of dance. While working with a local dance organization; the designer explored his talents by recreating infamous looks, including one of the Legend Michael Jackson’s jacket. Later on, he executed a perfect revamp of the Mad Hatter, a character in Lewis Carrol’s classic, Alice Adventures in Wonderland. It wasn’t until the completion of his degree at Hickey College for graphics design and specialized arts, did Hodge master functioning High-End fashion. The designer then ascended to Atlanta, Georgia, where he administered  the marketing and design department for an established Hollywood designer.

After a few years working in Atlanta, Mr. Hodge started his own brand labeled after himself called “Just Joe.” “My upcoming season is really antiquated, but that’s what I love about it. I will be pulling from multiple eras while designing with the “April showers, May flowers” in mind.”, Joe expressed. In a recent interview, he mentioned, “Perhaps my biggest accomplishment with fashion in St. Louis is being able to continue donating to the organizations that have hosted many of my shops, as a result of my Saint Louis supporters.”

Hodge’s next event will be his upcoming fashion show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The show will be the closing of Just Joe’s Winter White collection. In the next 5 years, the fashion designer plans on opening a new creative practice and honing the craft even more by bringing a new look to the mid-West area. Hodge is now in talks about relocating back to the St. Louis area, and opening a dynamic boutique.