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Welp, seems like Marlon Wayans is coming into his own, again. His new film Sextuplets (now streaming on Netflix) is a delightful comedy about an orphan who grows up to find out he is one of six children, right before he himself becomes a father. After learning this information, he embarks on a journey to meet his long lost siblings.

Sextuplets Now Streaming Via Netflix

Marlon is stretching his acting chops like never before by playing every single one of the Sextuplets. I met with Marlon at the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel downtown St. Louis, to ask him what is driving his non stop push of creativity. He swaggered in wearing a sharp grey suit, shaking everyone’s hand, and instantly mentioned how sweaty my palms were upon contact. “Damn n****, your hands sweaty as hell. You got court after this or something?!” No, Marlon Wayans, I don’t. 

Rocky: Who do you consider the most loyal sibling to the main character Alan? Because I think, just by the way the poster is presented that Dawn & Baby Pete are the least trustworthy….

Marlon: Nah Dawn, (smacks lips and speaks in Dawn’s voice) Dawn is the most loyal one in Alan family….

Rocky: But she stole the car…

Marlon: But she didn’t steal it tho, she borrowed it. She left a note, and the car was busted anyway, let’s not even talk about that. (In his real voice) My sister Devaughn is just like Dawn. When Shawn and I were little and we got beat in a fight, my sister Devaughn  would make us go back and she would hold the kid then make us punch him back. That’s who I based the character on. Her and my sister Elvira. 

He answered more questions from other critics regarding the character Ethan being his favorite one to play, simply because he is the identical sibling to Alan, so being a different personality in the same clothes is a challenge as an actor. I interrupted with another question.

Rocky: You’re the face of the Wayans Family for this generation. That’s a big responsibility…

Marlon: I didn’t think it was till you just said it was. DAMN!!

ROCKY: No, really. You’ve done a lot of work with your producer/ writing partner Rick Alverez and your director Michael Tiddes. You all have become your own triple threat. This film is the biggest thing you three have ever done. You yourself said you’re still exhausted from this adventure. 

Marlon: I am.

Rocky: My question is, what’s the next step for you three? Are you bringing back Robert Townsend’s Partners in Crime, The Bold The Black The Beautiful?

Marlon: You know we should bring back those things, because people need those type of shows. The world is just too sensitive. Our 1st Amendment Rights are at stake with all this sensitivity. I think people are being programmed to be sensitive. We are Americans. We are individuals. If I find humor in a racist joke, I’m gonna laugh. Don Rickles had some funny racists jokes. People tell me I can’t make another “White Chicks” movie. You know who loved “White Chicks”?

Rocky: White Chicks. 

Marlon: White Chicks!! And this is the influence of other countries trying  to squash our 1st Amendment Rights through bots on social media. I’m in these nightclubs every weekend saying the darkest jokes imaginable and all the crowd gives a low murmur, I bring them back with a good laugh. And to me those are accomplishments. 

Rocky: The Wayans are the Vanderbilts of Black Hollywood. You’ve been doing your own thing for the last decade. I’m just wondering what is the thing that’s gonna satisfy your hunger.

Marlon:The more opportunity I get the more opportunity I’m gonna bring them. The same way my brother’s did for me. I’ve got their kids working with me, now. I always bring back my skill set to the “Well of Wayans”. I’m trying to be the biggest I can possibly be, it’s only to make my family bigger. Cause each one of those guys are incredible. If Michael put out Thriller then went on the Victory Tour, then told Tito to drop an album, that’s how I see it. 

We continued on for a bit, while he answered questions being inspired by Eddie Murphy, like Eddie was inspired by Peter Sellers and Charlie Chaplin, to play multiple characters. This film is not a Nutty Professor knock off. It is Marlon Wayans giving his all to make an audience laugh. And it works. The first half hour is strong exposition, and I mean strong. But after the story has been set, you take a ride with Alan that makes you forget at times that Marlon is playing everyone. It’s definitely worth watching.

After asking Marlon if he really still gets a check for the Batman movies was replaced in, he informed me….

Marlon: Yeah, 15 cents. 

I cannot lie, dude is a veteran with handling film critics. His talking points were precise, and he had the right response for every question. After balling up my fist to avoid another sweaty handshake, I took a pic with the film star and made my way back into the real world. My greatest gift from this encounter is a pic with the man with a caption under it that reads: Look up, Marlon. SAY CHEESE!!