Seneca Da Product Splash

For as long as I’ve been keyed into Seneca Da Product he’s been winning. A skilled rapper and prolific producer he’s been crafting great records for more than a decade. His recent Splash project is no different from what I’ve come to expect from one of rap music’s hardest workers.

“Seneca makes music that feeds the soul, heart, and Brain”. -Executive Producer Bill Jacobs.

Splash is a perfect combination of rap bravado, street/trap beats, and boss swag.  There have been a lot of kids hopping in rap these days from out of nowhere,  it is refreshing to hear someone coming in with Seneca’s resume; production credits Goodie Mob, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Gorilla Zoe and others, and not to mention Battle Rap America boss to come in the game and drop 14 tracks of hot material.


Some of my favorite joints from the project is the title joint, ‘Splash’  which features St. Louis’ own T Man. Given that the NBA Finals are heading to a huge 7th game, the track and lyrics set a tone for what is definitely going to be the highest stake basketball game of the Splash Brothers career as they go up against King James and Kyrie Irving.  Other tracks like Winnin‘ and 24/7 also fit the bill and further promote the fact this is the type of music you listen to when you want to WIN.

The project is available on Itunes: Seneca Da Product Splash!

Stream on Spotify here: Splash on Spotify


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DeWarren Smith