Run for the Chocolate is scheduled to begin at O’Fallon and 2nd, just north of Lumiere Casino

  • Racers will depart heading north on 2nd to Cass Ave
  • Then west on Cass Ave to 13th
  • North on 13th to Warren St. to enter the historic Old North St. Louis
  • West on Warren St. to 14th
  • North on 14th to St. Louis Ave
  • Racers will turn around at 14th and St. Louis Ave, just before Crown Candy Kitchen
  • Head south on 14th to Warren St.
  • East on Warren to 13th
  • South on 13th to Cass Ave
  • East on Cass Ave to 2nd
  • South on 2nd to O’Fallon, where the race will have a “sweet” ending

For more information, contact Lindsay Van Quaethem at 314-436-6500 ext. 237 or

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