President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump ?!

Many of us stayed up past our bedtime to witness one of the most anticipated elections in US history. A woman on the United States Presidential ballot and a former reality TV-star as the opposing match up.

Wait, did I type that right?¬†A former reality TV-star, with no political background, who has filed for bankruptcy¬†six times, was on the US presidential ballot?¬†He has publicly bullied anyone who doesn’t think like him and is¬†now our president. Did he really¬†beat a 30 year veteran in politics, who held offices in both the governor and secretary of state. Wow!¬†Well guys this is America, land of opportunity, and the¬†“American Dream”.

The early morning brings plenty of shock on¬†both ends, for ¬†some this presidential election was a HEAVYWEIGHT victory. The¬†perfect opportunity¬†to challenge the elite and bring in an outsider. While for others, a state of mental and emotional BEWILDERMENT are affecting their daily routine. How could this be? What¬† happened? Where did we go wrong? I’ll tell you what went wrong.¬†We over estimated ourselves! Numbers¬†were in the¬†thousands of non-voters and voters of the third-party, we spilt our votes!

However, what’s done is done. That doesn’t mean we can’t hold any of our elected officials accountable because we lost. This isn’t the time to get discouraged, but uphold our civic duty to the communities who need us the most. Brush up on our local and national political system.¬†We must still fight the good fight, and try to be the best American citizens we can be.

  • photo provided by outside media source.
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