MANCHESTER, England – Yesterday a suicide bomber set off a deadly bomb claiming the lives of 22 people, mostly children and injuring an additional 59 people in Manchester, England. According to sources, the bomb went off sometime around 10:30 p.m. during an Ariana Grande concert. The performer had just finished her set when the loud blast occurred. The arena is one of the largest indoor venues in Europe and has a capacity of 21,000. The attack took place near one of the exits of the facility, in a public space.

manchester arenaThe explosion set off a panicked reaction as fans struggled to flee and parents and teens searched for one another amid the carnage. Parents who had lost contact with their children posted desperate pleas for information on social media using the hashtag #ManchesterMissing.

New information has surfaced stating the bomber is said to have been a part of the ISIS terrorist organization. A 23-year old man, believed to be a suspect has been arrested according to Manchester Police. No details as to how the attack had been carried out or why the concert was the targeted place has been released. According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, “this is the worst terrorist incident in Britain and the worst to ever hit North England.”

With the attack happening during an American performer’s act, the US Department of Homeland Security has stated “they had no information to show there were any credible threats involving music venues in the United States, but additional security measures will be taken as a precaution.”

Messages of support have poured in from other world leaders including President Trump, as well as celebrities and people all over the world throughout social media regarding the devastating occurrence. Our prayers go out to the families of those who are suffering because of this horrific and senseless tragedy.

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