The fact of the matter is that most of us aren’t born with perfect, smooth, flawless skin.  However, by showing our skin a little TLC, you will be surprised by how much we can alter its texture and ability to radiate!
This simple three-step home care routine can be used for any skin type, whether your skin is oily, dry or combination.  The goal is to give you a brighter complexion and a more even skin tone!
STEP 1 – EXFOLIATE. Each morning use a facial wash with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).  Examples of AHA’s are glycolic acid or lactic acid.  These acids are especially great for Skin of Color because they are used not only for smoothing and brightening our skin but also help to fade dark marks.  Lactic acid in particular is wonderful for hydrating the skin.  You can purchase these products from your Esthetician or Dermatologist for the most potent qualities, but cosmetic counters and drug stores sell them as well.
STEP 2 – OIL-FREE MOISTURIZER WITH SUNSCREEN.  It’s very important that you use an oil-free moisturizer because they give back much needed water into our skin and not oil.   If you have oily skin, or you’re acne-prone, this is even more important.  We as Black people often feel that it isn’t necessary to protect ourselves from the sun because we have so much melanin in our skin already.  This is simply not true.  Black does crack!  It just happens over a longer period of time.  It is just as important that we protect ourselves from the sun and the damage it causes to the skin as with anyone else.  In general, if you have darker skin like myself, or even darker, your natural baseline sun protection factor (SPF) is 10 – 13.  If you’re a little bit lighter, it would be 7 – 10.  So, we do have a baseline melanin protection that gives us a little bit of SPF, but it’s not enough.  By using an oil-free moisturizer with a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, we’re not only hydrating the skin, but we’re also helping to prevent the damaging effects of the sun.
STEP 3 – RETINOL OR RETINOID.  Every evening you should be using something called Retinol or a Retinoid.  These are potent forms of Vitamin A that you should be getting from either a Licensed Esthetician or Dermatologist and should only be used at night.  Most drug store versions of Retinol are not high quality.  And Retinoid (the product in its active form) is only available with a Doctor’s prescription.  The reason why Retinol and Retinoid is important is because they help with so many skin issues simultaneously.  They are anti-aging.  They fade dark marks.  They minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  They reverse signs of sun damage.  And they can prevent acne and acne breakouts.
With these three simple tools you will begin to uncover brighter, more even toned skin!  Just remember that, with dark spots, patience is the key.  Stay diligent in following this routine and you will see results.

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