Following Seviin’s performance, the crowd witnessed a movement. Accompanied by his locally-based, hand-picked band, and draped in U-C-ME gear, Murph Derrty took the stage and transitioned the sold-out crowd from a disconnected, pretentious lot, to a raucous crew of all-out, receptive party-goers.

Opening with his 16 bars of fire from the Grammy Award-winning single, “Shake a Tailfeather,” and eventually bringing it home with his fan-favorite, “Not a Stain on Me,” Murph rocked the house from “Action” to “Cut,” and the crowd rocked right along with him!Throughout this one-night-only engagement, Murph exuded the confidence and passion of a star, and graciously shared his shine with two members of his St. Lunatic family, Kyjuan and City Spud, who playfully supported Murph and lit up the stage whilecranking out classic cuts like “Midwest Swing” and“Air Force  Ones.” It didn’t end there.

Ira Dewitt

This 30-something mom, decked out in a black, short-sleeved mini dress by Nicole Miller and Louis Vuitton handbag, seems cooler than most. Her husband’s family owns the St. Louis Cardinals, she has her Ph.D. in Psychology and Education, and worked as a professor for many years. Even more intriguing about the subject, is that she founded her own record company, Notifi Records, the only independent label out of St. Louis that has also launched an artist [fact check]. She even owns her recording studio, and is St. Louis’ leading female executive music industry player.

Words By Seven L. Maxwell

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