Nubian Skin:  ‘Nude’ Lingerie For Women of Color

For years, the term “nude,” used to describe the color of everything from bandages to bras, has been defined in relation to white skin. Well, a new lingerie company is hoping all out to change that. Nubian Skin is a new brand dedicated to producing nude-toned pieces for women of color. From the company’s blog:

“A nude bra, skin-tone tights / pantyhose – basics of every woman’s wardrobe In theory…It’s the grand debate, what do I wear under a white or sheer blouse? What colour hosiery will go with these amazing shoes? Black just isn’t going to work.  The simple answer is nude.  But my nude isn’t the nude I see in shops.  Despite the reality that women of colour have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery (and spend the same of their hard-earned money), the industry simply doesn’t cater to us.  So, I thought, it’s time to rethink the definition of nude.  Thus, Nubian Skin was born.”

Nubian Skin’s site is live and ready.  Do something nice for yourself or significant other visit today.  Follow them on Instagram @NubianSkin

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