As I mentioned the other day when we were talking about Nicki Minaj’s V Magazinephoto shoot, I like Nicki. I don’t think she’s particularly groundbreaking, or even half-way as original as she seems to think she is, but I enjoy her. I like that she’s a celebrity. She’s fun, in the same way that Lady Gaga is fun. Well, Nicki is taking another page out of Gaga’s book, because THIS is how she wanders around London. These photos are from today – what must the British people think of our celebrities? Seriously. Is this helping America’s image abroad?

At first I thought the pink stuff on her head was some kind of ode to Kid-N-Play, perhaps some kind of tribute to MArge Simpson. But it’s a full-fledged wig. A wig with what suspiciously looks like built-in earrings. Ugh.

The outfit is kind of cute, though. If you’re hellbent on wearing a skin-tight onesie to show random Londoners your labia, it might as well be this one.

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