Eastern Coference Finals

Nap Town native Indiana Rome (@indianarome), known for “Who The Hell Left The Gate Open”, and U City’s own William H. (williamhrkc), known for his “’96 Bulls” mixtape, have teamed up for their version of the “Eastern Conference Finals: Bulls vs. Pacers”.

Monday, January 24th, the guys got together to have a listening party at the Gramophone and the EP is hot! I was there to witness a very energetic performance by these 2 along with featured artists, D. I. Skreet, Robbie (of Mikey and Robbie), and Bryant Stewart. This EP is very deserving of a listen and make sure you check both these  guys out on their websites.


DOWNLOAD – http://stlmixtapes.com/2011/01/william-h-indiana-rome-eastern-conference-finals/

WEBSITES – www.indianarome.com

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