What is going on good people? I’ve been thinking about social media and cancel culture and what does it mean? How does one really cancel a person? It seems like every week another celebrity is getting cancelled over comments but what does that mean for us as a society?

Is it fair to just cancel people because they say something that is insensitive or makes you feel uncomfortable? In order to mature we should be able to hear people out without having to cancel them? Should not we be open to hearing people out with holding our hand on the mute button lest we forget our on errors?

It feels dangerous to cancel people for thinking about how they perceive the world. We have to be able to take criticism before we go hitting the delete button. In short, you have six months to mind your business, and six months to leave your their business alone, totaling in a year of love, peace, and happiness.

Childish Major – Thank You, God. For it All 

Childish Major may not be an artist you are quite familiar with, but he has been a consistent guest on projects such as Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers”. His newest EP, “Thank You, God. For it All” dropped today which features seven tracks with guest appearances from Schoolboy Q on “Disrespectful, and Yung Baby Tate on “Check”.

Thi’sl – “MLB”

In 2020, Thi’sl released an ep during the pandemic, “Summer is Cancelled. “MLB” is his first single since his EP dropped and appears to be the first installment of a series of music he plans to release. Thi’sl stated on his twitter feed, “I got y’all every month until December” and we can’t wait to see what is next.

BJ The Chicago Kid – 4AM

BJ The Chicago kid released a new four track EP “4AM” which features his latest single “Love You Slow”.

Sonny Grands – LA Time

St. Louis producer and emcee, Sonny Grands released a new single “LA Times”.

Enforcer Fridays

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Elvin Chambers