This weekend Future returned for the second time this year.  The last release was heavily promoted and he did an uncharacteristic amount of press, the project seemed to disappear as soon as it dropped. This time around Future went back to the basics and just put it out.

“Save Me” is an EP that seems to be a literal cry for help. For the majority of the project he seems to be at war with himself. Future wants us to believe he recognizes his flaws in love, life, and lean. But the voice inflections don’t necessarily mirror the words being said. That remorse doesn’t come off as genuine.

Most of the songs are unusually slow for Future. Of the 7 songs, Please Tell Me & Government Official are the only ones that have even an ounce of the energy we’re used to.  The most buzzed about song has been Shotgun. The commentary has been more about his ex, Ciara, than the song itself. The social universe has been speculating if it samples Ciara’s huge hit Promise.  Neither side has confirmed or denied it but the official credits don’t list her as a writer.

This Shotgun-gate is just the latest in a stream of non music related things that distract people from what’s important.  The music. On first listen the project overall falls flat. The more listens I’ve given it the better it sound but in this microwave time, most people won’t allow songs/albums to grow on or with them. It’s hard to get replays in June with slow/sad tracks. Future didn’t provide a summer anthem that we’d expect.

While it’s clear Future wants our attention, he didn’t do much to earn it with this effort. If this was his flare in the sky, we might have deemed this extraction too risky to attempt. The music isn’t bad but there aren’t any songs that fully connect. Over the past few years we haven’t seen much of the Future & Metro Boomin tandem that made them both the most successful. I think Metro may be the only one that can Save Future and most importantly the music.

DJ K Mean