As we take a step into the new year, many beauty lovers will experience getting rid of old products and stepping out of their comfort zones to try new ones. Others may find they want to minimize the size of their beauty collections, decrease the time spent during daily routines, or look at ways to cut back on spending. If any of these appeals to you, investing in multipurpose beauty products is a great idea to simplify your life, even if it’s just by a little! We don’t hear about them often, but there are a number of brands that create multipurpose beauty and lifestyle items that fit in our daily regimens. From 3 in1 body washes, multiuse body butters, and makeup that can work on lips and cheeks, there is something for everyone that can help stretch your coin in the beauty department this year! To intrigue the beauty gurus, we’ve researched seven amazing multipurpose products that will elevate your routines, save you a bit of space and money, and ultimately make your life a little bit more convenient – because 2022 is all about stressing less!

Nae Nae’s Naturals Hair Boost 

Healthy hair and skin are the desired goal by many, but it can be difficult to accomplish. Thankfully, Nae Nae’s Naturals hair boost butter tackles both issues. This all-natural product is filled with organic ingredients and essential oils that heal and strengthen!  Not only does the butter promote healthy hair growth, but it can also be used to moisturize skin, soothe skin and even fight eczema. Nae Nae’s Naturals Hair Boost 

Tower 28 Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm 

The Tower 28 lip and cheek balm is the perfect multipurpose balm to elevate a makeup look. Achieve bright cheeks and bring attention to your lips with any of the six colors based on Santa Monica sunsets. As if these beautiful shades couldn’t get any better, this formula has been crafted with plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract to boost skin health with every use! Tower 28 Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm 

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm

If you’re looking to add a little oomph to your beauty routine this multipurpose balm will take you to the next level. The Dr. Paw Paw salve is packed with natural ingredients including olive oil, aloe vera, and paw paw fruit which work together to hydrate, soothe, repair and protect skin. Not only can this product be used on the body, it can also be used on hair and the face in a number of ways and is vegan approved! Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm

Beauty Pie One Palette Wonder 

If you struggle with keeping up with numerous beauty products or just desire a palette that can check off multiple steps in your makeup routine this may be the product for you! The Beauty Pie One Wonder palette comes with six powders made to enhance complexions with cool and neutral undertones. With this multipurpose kit, you can complete beautiful eyeshadow looks, bronze, highlight, and wake your face up with a little bit of blush in no time!  Beauty Pie One Palette Wonder

Philosophy 3 -In- 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel and Body Wash

If you are someone who enjoys multipurpose shower products this 3 in one shampoo, shower gel, and body wash is a must-try! The Philosophy brand is known for its amazing smelling body products that take bathing to the next level. Ranging in scents from holiday desserts to warm spices you can elevate your cleansing experiences and be left with silky smooth hair, skin, and an unforgettable scent. Philosophy 3 -In- 1 shampoo, shower Gel and body wash

Laura Mercier Tinted Oil Free SPF Moisturizer 

Every makeup user understands how heavy foundations can become, and frankly, sometimes a break is needed. In these cases, tinted moisturizers are the perfect alternative! This Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer offers sheer coverage to create the perfect no-makeup look with a matte finish. In addition, the products deliver advanced skincare benefits due to containing SPF 20 and antioxidants that work to protect the skin. Laura Mercier Tinted Oil – Free SPF Moisturizer 

Diptyque Multiuse Exfoliating Clay for The Face

The DiptyQue Multiuse Exfoliating clay is a game changer! If you focus on skincare, you probably understand how difficult keeping up with products can be when you’re creating a regimen. When used as a scrub this product detoxifies, regenerates, and boosts skin with antioxidants! As a clay mask, the skin will be soothed, moisturized, nourished, and encourage regeneration with apricot kernel oil, trace minerals, and vitamins. Diptyque Multiuse Exfoliating Clay for The Face

We hope this list has introduced you to the world of multi-use products and given you some ideas on how to indulge in products without breaking the bank. With the items on this list, you’ll be able to take your skincare journey to new heights, make bathing a bit easier, and infuse your skin and hair with moisture using the same products. So, the next time you see a product that boasts of being the best of both worlds, don’t shy away from giving them a try – you just might be taking a step to making your life a bit easier.

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